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Wrinkle Relaxers

Botox was the first neuromodulator to the market in the US and because of that it has become the household name. Dysport is a similar product and we often compare the two products to Coke and Pepsi - two different brands of a similar product. Both Botox and Dysport have an average longevity of 3-4 months.

Daxxify or "Daxxi" for short, is the newest neuromodulator on the market and the only long-lasting one, with an average longevity of 6 months!

Neuromodulators work by blocking nerve signals to muscles that cause them to contract, thereby temporarily relaxing the muscles that cause some of the most common wrinkles and signs of aging.

I like to call these products my "secret sauce" truly consider them the number one tool in my anti-aging toolbox!

Botox - $13/unit

Dysport - $11/equivalent unit

Daxxify - $14/equivalent unit.

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