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Massage Therapy

Come relax and unwind with our licensed massage therapist, Brandi!

Swedish Relaxation Massage

The most common of all massages, let the stress and tension melt away. You control the level of pressure, customizing this service to be exactly what you need!

30 Minutes: $40

60 Minutes: $70

90 Minutes: $90


CBD Massage

Combining the relaxation of Swedish massage and the healing oils of CBD. CBD is an anti-inflammatory, helps to release joint and muscle pain, reduces effects of anxiety and depression and can even help to calm dry and sensitized skin.

60 Minutes: $85


Hot Stone Massage

Heated lava stones are incorporated in this service, helping to relieve any tension and completely relax you. 

60 Minutes: $85


Pregnancy Massage

A pregnancy mat is provided for this service so that you may still lay face down comfortably and safely. We will work on troubled or painful areas. 

*Must be past 1st trimester

60 Minutes: $75

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